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CoGig - the company that runs Female Tech Engineer, Female Technical Engineer and Female Leader Engineer - is no ordinary recruitment company.

Firstly we have a vision that is our guiding star in our daily work. Our vision is the reason why CoGig was formed in 2013 and still exists today - we want the power in business to be evenly distributed between women and men. Easier said than done, but every day we take steps closer to the vision, in cooperation with companies that think the same.

Second we focus on engineers. Period. Our network of women and non-binary engineers is growing steadily.

For the third we form partnerships with close collaboration and offer unique approaches to match the right candidate with the right company and thus achieve the vision. We work both short-term and long-term with, on the one hand, proven qualitative recruitment processes, on the other hand, with unique tailor-made concepts such as our three annual development programs for women and non-binary persons in engineering studies as well as events and workshops.

It started with our four founders, all women engineers who in 2013 founded CoGig with the first talent program for women and non-binary persons in engineering studies at the end of their education. The focus was on engineers with leadership potential. Eventually, two more talent programs were added, focusing on roles within IT/tech and more specialized technology roles. A network of women and non-binary engineers took shape and continues to grow steadily. The partner companies in the programs saw the value in our network and started asking for recruitment help. More services were developed linked to employer branding and recruitment, all based on the vision of gender equality regarding the power in business and based on the values energy, development and genuine. As People Partner, we work closely with our customers and do our best to familiarize ourselves with their needs and challenges in order to be able to contribute in various ways to the achievement of goals and vision.

We are people partners. We are the new way to find great minds.


Want to learn more about our initiatives to contribute to gender equality in the engineering industry? Click on the links below to go to our other websites.

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