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female tech engineer, ett talangprogram för kvinnlig och icke-binära ingenjörsstudenter




Below you will find the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the program. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you will find our contact information further down.


Is there a cost to participate in the program? Your participation is free of charge. CoGig are happy to offer compensation for travel costs associated with the program activities. You will also be provided with breakfast, lunch and snacks during the activities and for those who need it accommodation is arranged in central Stockholm.

What does it mean to be awarded "Female Tech Engineer"? The title "Female Tech Engineer of the Year" is awarded one of the participants who have performed extraordinarily well during the program. The award is based on the jury’s assessment during the case exercise and presentation on Pitch Day, as well as test results and performance on the interview. The student who is awarded the title will be offered a six months long tailored and individual development program in self-leadership and career navigation with our program partner Nya Ledarskapet.

What kind of tech-experience is required? Any experience in tech is valuable – big or small. E.g., programming for a school project, web-designing, teacher assistant etc. However, we believe interest and drive is the best prediction for success, and thereby you should never disqualify yourself before applying.

Why is the program run in English? CoGig values inclusivity and openness, which makes it natural to use English and thereby be able to welcome international students enrolled at a Swedish university.

Is Female Tech Engineer open for all master’s programs? Yes! There is no restrictions regarding program orientation, however it is beneficial if you have studied courses in tech/programming.

Which of CoGig’s’ talent programs should I apply to? You can apply for all programs, but you can only be admitted to one of them. If you are unsure, we recommend that you apply and make the final decision if you are offered a spot. When choosing among our talent programs, it is important to base your choice on your interest in the theme of the program and the different partner companies. If your passion shines through in the application, you are more likely to be selected for the program.

Is it discrimination that only women and non-binary people can apply? Our talent program is here to give more women and non-binary individuals a boost into the engineering world, where men have long been in the majority. We aim to help our clients make their teams more diverse, which is beneficial for everyone. Exemptions from the prohibition of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, and age require systematic efforts to practically promote equal rights for all regardless of gender, etc. CoGig started the work with talent programs already in 2013 and runs three talent programs annually together with many of Sweden's leading companies. By supporting underrepresented groups, we strive to balance representation and meet our clients' desire for a more inclusive work environment. This initiative is part of our broader vision for an equal distribution of power in the business world, and we strongly believe in its positive impact for everyone. In the rest of CoGig's operations, we work with all groups - men, women, and non-binary individuals - to match candidates and companies in the best way possible.


I have other commitments this semester, can I apply next year instead? Yes, it is possible to participate both during your penultimate and last year of your master studies.

I have just graduated, can I apply anyway? Sorry, it is only possible to participate during the penultimate or last year of your master studies.

When do I have to complete the psychometrical tests? The deadline for the psycometrical testing is 10 December.

I’m going to study abroad this semester, can I participate online? No. We don’t offer online participation. We believe that network and relationships are best built in person.


How many meet ups are included in the program? The program includes 12 meet ups in Stockholm and 2 additional digital meetings on Teams to start and end the program.

Where in Sweden does the program take place? All activities take place in central Stockholm. Transport for visits outside of central Stockholm is organized by CoGig or the partner companies.

During what time during the day do the activities take place? The times will differ, but you can assume the following when planning for your participation: Inspirations Day – Full day in Stockholm. Partner visits – approximately half-a-day each. If you are traveling to Stockholm the visit will start at lunchtime and on days when you travel back home, it will start in the morning. Pitch Day - Digital participation during a slot-time of approximately 1 h (we can adapt the schedule after any mandatory exams). Female Tech Engineer Gala – participants gather at 5 pm, the evening ends around 10:00 pm.

Do I have to book a hotel for the activities in Stockholm? No. CoGig will arrange accommodation in central Stockholm for those who travel 2 h or more for the activities and are unable to stay with friends or family.

Do I have to arrange transportation to Stockholm? Yes. We recommend all participants to go by train, when possible, to minimize the carbon footprint of the program. CoGig is offering reasonable compensation for traveling expenses.

Is it possible to study parallel to participating in the program? YES! The program is tailored to work alongside your studies. For example, we paus the program during midterm exams.

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